Curriculum vitae

Philippe Gaulier

Born March 4th, 1943 in Paris
Studied at the the Ecole Jacques Lecoq from 1968 to 1970 and worked there as a teacher for nine years.
On tour with Pierre Byland as his clown partner with the play “Les Assiettes” for many years.
In 1980 Gaulier founded his own acting school in Paris. He moved his school to London subsidized by the British Arts Council and the Gulbenkian Foundation.
In 2002 he returned to Paris.
For the last 30 years Philippe Gaulier has been teaching master classes for actors; the most cherished characters in his work are clown and bouffon.

Directed (from 1965 to 1967)

George Dandin by Molière
Grand peur et misère du III reich by Brecht
La Moschetta and La Parlerie by Ruzzante

Wrote and performed

Les Assiettes (1970)


Pezza contre Tchourba by Bolesoav Polivka (1980)


Ma volonté sera faite sur la terre comme au ciel (1983)
La gnole de tante Christine est imbuvable (1987)
Au bout du tunnel (1991)

Wrote and directed

L´homme à la valise (1973)
Une belle journée (1975)
Here comes the clown (Niagara Mime Theatre-Canada 1976)
Tohu-Bohu (1977)
No son of mine (Edinburgh Festival, ICA Theatre London 1985)
Celui-ci n´est pas mon fils (Montréal 1986)
El Innombrable/Sauce for the Goose (1998)


Graphic Poems (1977)
Gargouilles et Bouffons (Fotos 1988)


Revue Les Lettres Nouvelles/Maurice Nadeau (poems 1974)
Le Gégèneur/The Tormentor (about his work 2007)
Le Gauche ou le Droite (novel, 2008)